Intelligent Systems Lab (ISL)

Model, Design and Validate system-level integrated sensors, that can be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) frameworks. Our projects are focused on smart healthcare and smart city applications.


Project 1: Application-Specific Healthcare Architectures for Internet of Medical Things

The basic components of the IoMT frameworks are simple sensors which can collect and convert a user’s physiological signals into electrical signals that are sent wirelessly to a central device. To develop efficient architectures for various healthcare applications, we leverage our expertise in areas of analog and mixed signal design, Sensor Design, and Biomedical Engineering. Our current projects are:

  • Monitoring Emotional Health using wearable sensors
  • Wearable for preterm infants
  • Improving Women’s Health using IoT-based affective monitoring systems.

Project 2: Efficient Sensing Architectures for Smart City Applications

Smart city is an urban area which uses sensors and connected devices to monitor and manage that asset. Some of the smart city applications are: smart water monitoring system, smart meters, smart parking system and so on. Using our expertise in developing wireless sensing systems which can operate in an IoT-based smart city framework, we are working on the following projects:

  • An unified IoT-controller in a connected home environment.
  • Detecting and Monitoring Oil and water leak using IoT framework.
  • A medical response plan for tourists in a smart city framework.

Project 3: Developing an Inclusive Learning Environment for Smart Healthcare Education

The aim of this project is to develop training materials and modules that can help interested candidates to learn different aspects of research involved in the multi-disciplinary Smart Healthcare domain. Through this project we propose workshops, poster competitions and Hack-a-Thon’s that can kindle a spark towards smart healthcare.

Meet Our Team

Laboratory Director:

Prabha Sundaravadivel, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Researcher:

Ashton Fitzgerald, B.S in Electrical Engineering (2021)

Undergraduate Researcher:

Alina Pereira, B.S in Electrical Engineering (2022)

Undergraduate Researcher:

Favour Thomas, B.S in Electrical Engineering (2022)

Undergraduate Researcher:

Maxwell Ugbebor, B.S in Electrical Engineering (2021)

Senior Design Team:

  1. Jacob Adams, BSEE (2020)
  2. Cameron Timbes, BSME (2020)
  3. Lam Trinh, BSME (2020)
  4. Michael Fults, BSEE (2020)
  5. Andrew Aiken, BSEE (2020)
  6. Marcelo Zavala, BSME (2020)

Project Title: An Intelligent HVAC system

Graduate Researcher:

Conrad Tumwesigye, M.S in Electrical Engineering

Thesis Title: An IoT-based smart medical response plan in a smart city

Graduate Researcher:

Alhagie Sallah, M.S in Electrical Engineering

Thesis Title: An IoT-based real-time video monitoring system


Former Graduate Researcher

Youssef Baiji, MS in Electrical Engineering Current Position: Ph. D. in Queens University, Canada

Thesis Title: Smart-Detect: An IoT based Monitoring System for Oil Leak Detection

Senior Design Team (2018-2019)

  • Julian Carrillo
  • Maureen Mendez
  • Oscar Martin
  • Claude Tchata

Project Title: EasyYard: An IoT-based Smart Controller for a Connected Backyard